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Esty Fridge

Esty Fridge

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Saian Esty Fridge allows you to change from warm to cold with the flip of a switch. Perfect for keeping gua sha tools and jade rollers warm, and keeping beauty globes cold. Maintains ampoules and serums at cold temperatures.

Saian Esty Fridge works by transferring heat from one side of the device to the other using electric energy. It is 100% safe, freon free, and environmentally friendly.

Our tiny fridge's silent fan will not disrupt your treatments. The lightweight, sturdy ABS plastic design and magnetic self-lock latching door along with included DC adapter makes this little fridge portable. The carrying handle on top makes transporting the appliance even more convenient. 

Exterior Dimensions: 11" x 7-1/4" x 10” / Cooling Capacity: 40ºF-45ºF below ambient temperature / Warming Capacity: 122ºF-144ºF / 4 Liter Capacity 

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